Full Detail Complete Package


·        Hand wash and towel dry
·        Door jams cleaned and waxed
·        Clay bar and overspray removal (as needed)
.        Exterior degreased (as needed)
.        Hard Water Treatment as needed (acid Bath)
.        Bug tar and sap removal (as needed)
.        Oxidation treatment and Carnuaba wax applied(by hand) with buffing as needed
.        High Gloss sealant wax applied (Buffing)
·        Tires and rims cleaned, degreased and dressed
.        Exterior Rubber/Vinyl Trim dressing applied
.        Wheel wells cleaned and dressed
·        Carpets/seats vacuumed
.        Carpets/seats shampooed
·        Interior degreased and cleaned
.        All cup holders and crevices cleaned
.        Vents buttons and dials cleaned
·        Interior leather cleaned and conditioned
.        Interior Rubber/Vinyl dressing applied
·        Windows cleaned inside and out
·        Interior deodorized
.        Trunk cleaned/Truck Bed
.        Engine degreased washed and shined up
.        Exterior chrome polished